WORLDSTREAMS WORLD MUSIC... weaving a tapestry of exotic and beautiful music from around the world 24/7. Your source for World Fusion music. Listen now!

WorldStreams World Music was the number one world fusion radio station on for over 13 years. Live365 closed down in December of 2015 and WorldStreams is currently looking for a new place to broadcast. Recently there has been some news of Live365 possibly coming back online.


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Thanks so much to all of our listeners... we are happy you enjoy the music!

"I listen at work all the time. Thanks for the great music!" - Solange
"I love the music you play. I wish you good fortune with your efforts!" - Michael
"Please keep the music going." - Art
"Dari, you sound great! Profoundly and intellectually sexy." - Mustapha
"I have listened for 5 years and love the changes." - Anna
"I would like to thank Dari and Said for their efforts and contributions." - Hipcat
"I find myself wandering to exotic places without leaving home, Thank you!" - Gretchen

"Greetings from Espana. Love the music choices. Gracias!" - Arturo
"I'm at work listening to WorldStreams :) love it!" - Astrid
"I was sad today. This music changed that! Thank you." - Spencer
"Thank you for the good music." - Raimund
"Thank you so much! I have added WorldStreams as a favorite station." - Laura
"Music of body and soul... the world is your stage! Thank you." - Joel
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you, when you have forgotten the words. Love the music, thanks!" - Carl

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