Moh Alileche
Amazigh (Berber Musician)
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Wed 6.16.10 - 10:00-11:00 PM

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Born in the mountainous region of Kabylia, Algeria, Moh Alileche, has nurtured his love for music since childhood. At age nine, he taught himself to play traditional Amazigh (Berber) music on a hand-held, single-stringed instrument made out of an oil can. As a young adult, his talent lead him to the traditional North African mondol or "aguember", a 10 double silk-stringed instrument which is a larger version of the mandolin.

Since moving to the States in 1990, Moh's music has received great reception and praise both in the US and abroad. His music can now be heard on many public radio stations in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. In 2001, his music was part of the soundtrack for the documentary The Visionary, which aired on many PBS stations. His third CD, North Africa's Destiny, won the IAP title of "Best World Music CD-Africa 2005." He has four CD's out, and available in the U.S and online.

Moh Alileche 's latest CD In Memory Of A Hero has been selected among the three finalists in World Music (Africa). The best album of 2009 will be picked on April 30 at

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