J Plunky Branch
Host: Said & Dari

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Saxophonist Plunky Branch is an experienced performer, songwriter and music and film producer, and he is president of N.A.M.E. Brand Records, through which he has released 21 albums. At one time Plunky was a studio musician for television's top-rated sitcom, The Cosby Show. He has appeared on avant-garde jazz albums by Pharaoh Sanders, Hamiett Bluitt and others.

Plunky’s European tours have taken him to England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He twice toured Ghana, West Africa, once for the Ghana National Commission on Children, and again as a cultural specialist for the U.S. Information Agency. Recently he has traveled to Cuba twice to research and produce music recordings and a documentary film, Under the Radar – A Survey of Afro-Cuban Music. His latest releases are the new CD Cold Heat and his Plunky & Oneness of Juju Live In Paris DVD.

He has written film scripts, journals of his travels, poems and over 200 songs. Throughout his career Plunky has entertained and taught thousands, and in the process, has developed a broad and loyal following. During his 1987 West African tour, critics proclaimed Plunky "one of the greatest living saxophonists!" In a context where rhythm, ritual, power and emotion reign supreme, he just might be!

Visit Plunky's website: PlunkyOne.com

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