Sean Rowe
Traveling Musician, Modern Hunter/Gatherer
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Tues 3.8.11 - 9:00-10:00 PM

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The maturity of Sean Rowe's work goes well beyond his years and earned him an NYFA grant. Rowe performs solo in pain and truth, using just a six-string and a raw, riveting voice that is deep and dark as a chasm.

“Listening to Sean Rowe’s Album, Magic, it is hard to decide what is more magical-the dream inducing songs or Sean’s powerful, emotional voice. The big, deep and rich sound pulls on your heart almost to the point of breaking.” -Chris Wienk, Program Director, WEXT-FM 97.7

"Sean is completely unbounded by convention, trends or timeliness in terms of melody, guitar phrasings, rhyme….or reason. His voice is as rich, dark and deep as his lyrics and his melodies soar, reminding me of listening to Roxy Music’s “Avelon” as I climbed into the Malibu hills through a hazy firestorm with my son." -Don Wilcock on 'Magic' - The Troy Record

"Singer-songwriter Sean Rowe has the most distinctive, soulful voice on the Capital Region music scene. It's a rough-hewn, whiskey-soaked rasp of a voice — all sandpaper, honey and smoke. The kind of voice that stops you in your tracks." -Greg Haymes - The Times Union

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