A Moving Sound
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Wednesday 9.28.2011 10:00-11:00 PM

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Sheng Dong, or as it translates in English, A Moving Sound, is a performance company based in Taipei, Taiwan. A Moving Sound has created a new musical expression that fuses Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian musical ideas in inspired and engaging modern song compositions.

Songs are performed on Chinese instruments such as the vertically held and bowed erhu and the Chinese guitar known as zhong ruan, as well as Western instruments. Transcendent vocals and dance by lead singer Mia Hsieh, transport listeners to and beyond the Far East to where only the highest art can take us.

The modern world has turned its' eyes towards the Far East with China exploding rapidly in its' economy and culture. Musically however, the world knows this region for either traditional music or music that, for the most part, copies western ideas. A Moving Sound has attracted international attention for opening a door to this unexplored territory with a music that is both ethnic and intensely passionate and creative. Audiences and critics are thrilled to see this new musical art based on melodies and instruments from the Far East.

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