Mehrangiz Kar
Human Rights Activist, Attorney, Author
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: 10.8.2008 10:00-11:00 PM

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Mehrangiz Kar was born in 1944 in the southern Iranian city of Ahvaz, Iran. She attended elementary, middle and high school in Ahvaz, leaving in 1953 to enter the Department of Law and Political Science at Tehran University.

In 2000, she and sixteen other Iranian journalists, activists and intellectuals attended a conference held at the Heinrich Böll Institute in Berlin entitled “Iran After the Elections.” Kar’s remarks about the urgent need for constitutional reform and on secularity in particular earned her censure. Upon return to Iran, she was arrested and taken to Evin Prison.

On 13 January 2001 she was convicted and sentenced to four years imprisonment on charges of acting against national security and disseminating propaganda against the Islamic regime. Her husband was also arrested in Tehran and held incommunicado. Only months later did they learn of his whereabouts as he was paraded before state television, visibly tortured. Pourzand had been accused of being a spy for America, an adulterer, working for the Shah’s regime and funneling funds from the US to the reformist press.

Kar has written a memoir and is currently at work on publications surrounding human rights and constitutionalism in Iran. She has written many articles (both Farsi and English) and published at least fifteen books.

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