Hassan Hakmoun
Moroccan World Fusion Musician
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Wednesday 8.19.09 - 10:00-11:00 PM

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By age four, Hassan Hakmoun performed alongside snake charmers and fire-breathers on the streets of Marrakech . His mother is known throughout Marrakech as a mystic healer. Her derdeba trance ceremonies are all-night affairs with hypnotic music and chanting to exorcise evil spirits. The Gnawa musical form, steeped in Islamic mysticism and West African rhythms, lifts the spirit and heals the wounded with songs of praise.

Hassan now resides in the US. He was the only world musician invited to play Woodstock 94. and has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on the WOMAD 94 tour. Hakmoun has became a regular fixture in New York's rock, jazz, and fusion scenes, and earned his following for his spanning of multiple genres with his spiritually charged voice and playing.

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