Monika Jalili
Hosts: Nader & Dari
Aired: Wednesday 10.7.09 - 10:00-11:00 PM

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Born in the United States, Monika is of Dutch and German descent. She studied music at The Manhattan School of Music, a classically trained vocalist. She sings in Persian, French and English languages. Her works are based on Persian folk songs and Persian traditional music, but are naturally infused with her western music training.

Monika actively pursued a musical theater career in New York and appeared with such talents as Steve Allen and John Astin until her passion for songs of Iran led her, in 2004, to create a project called NoorSaaz with the help of Megan Weeder (now Gould) to explore and perform songs from Iran and to share them with everyone

For a talented group of Iranian poets and composers enjoying fame, the Iranian revolution of 1979 extinguished their hopes, dreams and careers. We will never know what could have been. Monika has worked endlessly to revive the touching works of these artists.

Monika has performed with her ensemble at such venues as The Kennedy Center, and Lincoln Center in the US and in many European cities.

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