WORLDSTREAMS... is an international multi-media resource offering diverse programs on music, the arts, culture, world politics and social issues around the world through discourse with both well known people and ordinary individuals with extraordinary stories.

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DARI - WorldStreams Producer/Creator
Dari is responsible for the production of all programming, the websites, the sound editing, audio promo production, video production, script writing and guest bookings. Dari has been broadcasting World Fusion music on Live since 2001. She studied dance for 13 years so music has always been an integral part of her life. In early 2008, she changed the name of the station from Zweland Radio to WorldStreams Radio.

Dari currently owns an international web design and development firm that has been in operation for the past 16 years. Her university studies were in psychology and American literature. Dari also trades in ancient and antique beads from around the world and has an extensive museum quality collection.

SAID - WorldStreams Host
Said is the World Talk host of WorldStreams. Said grew up in a small village in Southern Morocco. He moved to the US in the early 1980ís to take part in an international cultural fellowship program sponsored by Walt Disney in Florida. Said settled in the US and went on to finish his post graduate studies. After post graduate studies, Said taught college level courses on a variety of subjects including economics, sociology and organizational communication. He has also been involved in local government.

Said works full time as a copywriter, content editor, and translator. He writes poetry and is currently finishing his first novel. Said has a deep interest in world fusion music. Visit Said's website:

ASTRID - Guest Host
Astrid personifies the international spirit. The child of parents of two nations who were previously at war, she was raised in an international bilingual household, attended an International School with students and educators from around the world and traveled extensively with her family.

Her adult life has been marked by compassion and dedication. She has been a successful internet activist for over 5 years, raising awareness and spreading information globally. She has over 20 years experience in the medical field, and has now begun studies in Homeopathy. Her hobbies include: poetry, music, aromatherapy and cooking for her family.

NADER - Guest Host/Researcher
Nader has contributed to WorldStreams both as a host and as a researcher. He has an extensive interest in world politics, culture and music. He completed his graduate studies in applied physics and electrical engineering at Purdue University and Columbia University.

Nader is the co-founder of tau-Metrix, and co-founded Optonics in 1998, a semiconductor diagnostics company that was acquired by Credence Systems in 2003.

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