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Leonard Cohen Takes Manhattan
Video & Photos: Dari
Live: 12.18.2012 Madison Square Garden NYC

What an honor and pleasure it was seeing Leonard Cohen in Manhattan at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. He was exceptionally gracious and charming, as always. His voice, despite his 78 years, seemed even stronger than when I saw him in 2009.

Even though Madison Square Garden is not known for being a place of warmth and sensuality, Leonard transformed the arena into a temple of sensuous sound and light. And a huge crowd of 20,000 fans felt the magic.

"I promise you we'll give you everything we got," he said near the beginning of the show, and in his beautifully, elegant way, he did.

By some stroke of luck, I was able to film First We Take Manhattan. My friend shielded me from the eyes of the usher who kept coming over and acting like a film director or an orchestra conductor motioning with his hands in various attempts to get me to quit. And I was giving him the.. duh? do you mean me? look. I was told twice to stop recording video. But I couldn't resist.

Although I was close to the stage, I also had to deal with a giant in a fedora in front of me. You'll notice his subtle presence for a couple seconds now and then on the left side of the video. First We Take Manhattan was the last song of the first of two encores. The audience was singing along, while clapping and stomping and it was fantastic. Because after all, it was Manhattan!

Listen to David Garrett on WorldStreams
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Thurs 6.7.2012 3:00-4:00 PM

The child of an American mother and a German father, prodigy violin soloist David Garrett, born David Bongartz in Aachen, Germany, reached and surpassed many an important milestone before his matriculation at Juilliard in New York.

David's interest in violin began at the age of four, when his older brother received a violin from his father -- who himself was a antique stringed-instrument dealer. A year later, David had already won a competition, and by seven he was playing in public as often as possible. Within five more years, David had gone on to perform with an orchestra (playing Mozart) and at the age of ten made his concert debut. As his teenage years dawned, David had already released two albums and appeared on television.

David Garrett is not only a technically brilliant recording artist who has received the praise and support of such eminent violin virtuosos as Isaac Stern, Yehudi Menuhin and in particular Ida Haendel. His greatness is also reflected in his mental countenance. As one of the few classically versed artists he has an undistorted perspective on tradition and modernity.

David's new CD, Legacy has proved to be an exceptional success. As soon as the album was released, it reached rank 6 on the overall-charts in Germany, the highest-ranking instrumental classical album in German chart history.

Visit David's website.

Listen to Lawrence Krauss on WorldStreams
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Wed 5.23.2012 10:00-11:00 PM

Lawrence M. Krauss is an internationally known theoretical physicist with wide research interests, including the interface between elementary particle physics and cosmology, where his studies include the early universe, the nature of dark matter, general relativity and neutrino astrophysics.

He received undergraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Physics at Carleton University. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1982), then joined the Harvard Society of Fellows (1982-85). He joined the faculty of the departments of Physics and Astronomy at Yale University as assistant professor in 1985, and associate professor in 1988. In 1993 he was named the Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics, Professor of Astronomy, and Chairman of the department of Physics at Case Western Reserve University. He served in the latter position for 12 years, until 2005. In August 2008 Krauss took up his new post as Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and Physics Department, and Inaugural Director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University.

Krauss is one of the few prominent scientists today to have actively crossed the chasm between science and popular culture. For example, besides his radio and television work, Krauss has performed with the Cleveland Orchestra, narrating Gustav Holst's The Planets at the Blossom Music Center in the most highly attended concert at that venue, and was nominated for a Grammy award for his liner notes for a Telarc CD of music from Star Trek. In 2005 he also served as a jury member at the Sundance Film Festival.

Visit Lawrence's website.

Listen to Bahar Movahed on WorldStreams
Hosts: Dari
Aired: Wed 5.16.2012 10:00-10:30 PM

Bahar Movahed Bashiri was born in Tehran. She started learning music early while still a child by playing the piano. Later on, she learned how to play the Tanbour by taking formal lessons from Virtuoso Seyed Amrollah Shah Ebrahimi, albeit for a short period when she was a teenager. This is the time when she developed an interest in Kurdish and eventually Iranian vocal Radifs (repertory). Meanwhile, she started learning the Tar with Keyvan Saket and Mohamad Reza Ebrahimi and simultaneously had the honor to attend the vocal classes of Mrs. Parissa. This way, she began her serious vocal training in 1998.

During this period, Bahar was attending the dental school and her educational requirements left little time for her to pursue vocal trainings at a desired level. However, she was able to manage to do both continuing her dental school, and working hard on her vocal training. Having earned her D.D.S degree in 2003, she participated in the government physician program until 2005.

In the mean time, Bahar went to Hamid Reza Noorbakhsh to educate herself with the vocal method of Taherzadeh and after finishing her apprenticeship she was able to combine music with lyrics and poetry. By 2006 end, she participated in Maestro Shajarian’s vocal workshops and after taking the requirement exams she became a formal vocal student of Shajarian.

Visit Bahar's website.

Listen to Noam Chomsky on WorldStreams
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired Wed 2.15.2012 9:00-9:30 PM

Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political activist, author, and lecturer. He is an Institute Professor and professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Chomsky is well known in the academic and scientific community as one of the fathers of modern linguistics.

He is the most cited living author and a well-known political dissident. He was named the world's leading intellectual by Global Intellectuals in 2005. Since the 1960s, he has become known more widely as a political dissident, an anarchist, and a libertarian socialist intellectual.

Noam Chomsky has been the one of the most fearless critics of US foreign policies and has worked long and hard to raise consciousness about the unnecessary use of power and human rights violations.

Visit Noam Chomsky's website.

Listen to Chris Hedges on WorldStreams
Hosts: Said & Dari
Air Date: February 1, 2012

Chris Hedges spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than 50 countries and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News, and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years.

Hedges was part of the team of reporters at The New York Times awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for the paper's coverage of global terrorism. He also received the Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism in 2002. Hedges, who writes a weekly column on Truthdig, was honored by the Los Angeles Press Club as the Online Journalist of the Year in 2009, and won the Best Online Column Award in 2010 for his Truthdig essay "One Day We'll All Be Terrorists."

He has written eight books, including Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle (Nation Books, 2009), I Don't Believe in Atheists (2008) and the bestselling American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America (2008). His book War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (2003) was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction. His most recent book is Death of the Liberal Class (Nation Books, 2010).

Visit Chris Hedges at the Nation Institute website.

Listen to Hamid Dabashi on WorldStreams
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Wed 9.7.2011 10:00-11:00 PM

Hamid Dabashi is the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York, the oldest and most prestigious Chair in his field. He is a founding member of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, as well as a founding member of the Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University.

He has written 20 books, edited 4, and contributed chapters to many more. He is also the author of over 100 essays, articles and book reviews in major scholarly and peer reviewed journals on subjects ranging from Iranian Studies, medieval and modern Islam, comparative literature, world cinema, and the philosophy of art (trans-aesthetics). A selected sample of his writing is co-edited by Andrew Davison and Himadeep Muppidi, The World is my Home: A Hamid Dabashi Reader (Transaction 2010).

In the context of his commitment to advancing trans-national art and independent world cinema, Hamid Dabashi is the founder of Dreams of a Nation, a Palestinian Film Project, dedicated to preserving and safeguarding Palestinian Cinema. He is also chiefly responsible for opening up the study of Persian literature and Iranian culture at Columbia University to students of comparative literature and society, breaking away from the confinements of European Orientalism and American Area Studies.

Visit Hamid Dabashi's website.

Listen to Sharon Robinson on WorldStreams
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Wed 7.13.2011 9:00-10:00 PM

A gorgeous, soulful alto that envelopes hooks and harmonies; a musically gifted mind that collaborates with Leonard Cohen; a pop sensibility that earns a GRAMMY Award with Patti LaBelle (New Attitude)–that’s Sharon Robinson: singer, songwriter, producer and now artist, with the release of her debut solo recording effort, Everybody Knows.

The set–which Cohen calls “a masterful work” –includes three songs co-written with the legendary artist: the classics Everybody Knows and Summertime along with Alexandra Leaving from Ten New Songs, the critically acclaimed 2001 Cohen album which Robinson produced.

It’s not surprising that Robinson has worked with such diverse personalities and in so many genres. Her affinity for all kinds of music developed at an early age. Born in San Francisco, her family moved to Los Angeles when she was five. A year later she began studying classical piano, and at age 12 started writing and recording her own songs.

Visit Sharon Robinson's website.

Listen to Dr. Helen Caldicott on WorldStreams
Hosts: Said & Dari
Aired: Wednesday 6.1.2011 9:00-10:00 PM

The single most articulate and passionate advocate of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crises, Dr. Helen Caldicott, has devoted the last 38 years to an international campaign to educate the public about the medical hazards of the nuclear age and the necessary changes in human behavior to stop environmental destruction.

Dr Caldicott has received many prizes and awards for her work, including the Lannan Foundation’s 2003 Prize for Cultural Freedom and 21 honorary doctoral degrees, and she was personally nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Linus Pauling – himself a Nobel Laureate. The Smithsonian has named Dr Caldicott as one of the most influential women of the 20th Century.

Dr Caldicott currently divides her time between Australia and the US where she lectures widely. She founded the US-based Nuclear Policy Research Institute (NPRI), which evolved into Beyond Nuclear, of which Dr Caldicott is Founding President. Beyond Nuclear aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future.

Visit Dr Caldicott's website website.

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