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Mohsen Namjoo – Symphony Space NYC

Mohsen Namjoo -Torang | Symphony Space NYC January 12, 2019

Leading into Torang, Mohsen explains that he is not the “Iranian Bob Dylan” as the New York Times deemed him to be in 2007. He is Mohsen Namjoo! English translation of Torang “Where do you come from”, they questioned, “that you seem so disturbed”? “A stranger from the city of the acquainted”, I replied “What is on your mind”, they questioned, “to make you lose your mind”? “Begging your love”, I replied, “tis the only thing on my mind” “What breed of bird are you”, they questioned, “that such a melody you sing”? “A cheerful tone from the garden of the forlorn”, I replied “Get drunk”, they urged, “so that you may from all be free”! “With wine indeed”, I replied, “with wine I fond my salvation from me” “You’d not be worth a whit tho”, they cautioned, “if you’d seek abstinence or repentance” “I’ve repented of abstinence and piety”, I replied “How do you hold our art of allure”, they questioned? “Like a deluge of flowers in the banquet of coquetry”, I replied “I am the Bergamot Orange”, they said, “which befits not this world” “Even better art thou”, I replied, “yet unattainable” “Why then so little of your sweet amour”, they questioned? “Intoxicated with love”, I replied, “that is why” “What does Khwaju see in our eyes”, they questioned? “The tale of the drunken is a divine enigma”, I replied!

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