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Music Beyond Borders: Voices From the Seven

The concert was a celebration of immigration and what it has meant for our country, featuring music from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.

The musicians of the Seattle Symphony performed a free concert for our community, including orchestral and chamber works by noted classical composers including Rahim AlHaj (Iraq), Kinan Azmeh (Syria), Alireza Motevaseli (Iran), Ali Osman (Sudan), Gity Razaz (Iran) as well as a popular dance song from Somalia and “America the Beautiful.”

The arts community across the country has been coming together in meaningful ways following the recent executive order restricting travel and immigration from certain countries. At the Seattle Symphony, we are inspired to add our voice, with the hope that we can bring together our community to celebrate the freedom of expression and open exchange of ideas which the arts have always stood for, especially in times of division and conflict.

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